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“All of us acting Christ-like to one another”

[by Peter Elliott] It was the end of a long afternoon session on Saturday July 9 at General Synod 2016 when the Primate called upon Bishop Fraser Lawton from the Diocese of Athabasca to address the General Synod about the recent forest fires in Fort McMurray Alberta. At the podium, Bishop Lawton spoke about how... Read More

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Provincial Caucuses elect CoGS reps

It has been a long haul today, and we apologize for the lack of many updates as we spend our time engaging with the many meetings, conversations, and sessions from 8am-9pm and beyond.  These are long but fulfilling days. One of the big pieces of today was that the Provincial caucuses met today to elect their... Read More

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Morning Bible Study brought together by altar cloths

Our morning Bible study began with the reading of Isaiah 43. It was read 3 times and we were invited to discern for ourselves and then share with another what we heard and experienced from the chapter. Artist Elizabeth Adams has painted a cloth for each of the 30+ tables,  and after our reading and sharing, we... Read More

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Day II -- as observed by The Ven Douglas Fenton

Day II -- as observed by The Ven Douglas Fenton It was hard to believe that the clock was correct.  It felt like it was well before a civilized time for even someone with insomnia to be getting out of bed:  4:30 am.  Of course, that was what time it would have been had I still been in my own bed but, no, this is... Read More


Archdeacon Lynne McNaughton Elected Deputy Prolocutor

Elected on the third ballot, our very own, the Venerable Dr. Lynne McNaughton, Archdeacon of Capilano and rector of St. Clement's, Lynn Valley is the next Deputy Prolocutor of General Synod. Congratulations Lynne! Photo: Before and after. The Ven. Lynne McNaughton waits to hear the results of the election for... Read More

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Follow GS with the live feed Follow along! Read More

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Day 1 overview

[written by Rob Dickson - lay delegate]Greetings from Richmond Hill (Diocese of Toronto)!The delegation from Diocese of New Westminster have all arrived here at General Synod, including Bishop Melissa, Dean Peter, Archdeacon Douglas, Archdeacon Lynne, Abby Cline, Cameron Gutjahr, Melanie Delva and your scribe for... Read More

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Bit of a feature in the AJ regarding my new word! Photo: GS orientation session Read More

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Committees of GS meet

Although the orientation and first official General Synod business doesn't begin until later this evening/tomorrow (July 7 and 8), the Committees of General Synod have been meeting the morning of July 7. These committees include the Resolutions Committee, Agenda Committee and Nominations Committee. Dean Peter... Read More


Youth Delegate, Abby Cline's first day at General Synod

[written by our amazing youth delegate, Abby Cline]As a youth delegate, I had to arrive for Synod one day earlier than the other delegates. We had a meeting that started today at 3pm and went until 8:30pm. The meeting started off with Caitlin Beck (from our diocese of New Westminster) leading us all in... Read More