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Trailblazing - Theological Formation for Youth Ministry

“I love working with youth in my congregation but sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“How do I get training as a youth leader?”

“I want to put more spiritual content in our youth program in ways that the kids can relate to”

“Can I get more in-depth formation as a youth ministry leader without going away to take expensive courses?”

“The young people I work with ask so many great and profound questions – but I have no clue how to respond.”

If you have ever said one of the above, you’re not alone! Across the diocese, there are many volunteer and part-time youth workers who don’t feel fully equipped for their vital ministry role. As a church, we share passion for working with young people. But how, without heading away to seminary, will any of us gain the skills to do that better? In many dioceses across our church, we turn to our part-time youth workers and rely on them as ‘youth experts.’ How often do we resource and equip them to truly be those ministry experts?

Trailblazing is an online theological formation and leadership development program for youth leaders. It’s Canadian. Anglican youth leaders and theologians developed it, and it has been roadtested by individuals from every type of parish context. Whether you're a paid youth worker in a large urban parish, or trying to develop a passion for ministry with young people in a rural context, there's great accessable content in Trailblazing for you. 



Through a collection of on-line learning modules (on computer or tablet), learners can explore such topics as Introduction to Theology, Worldview and the Gospel, Building Community, Faith and Film, Theology and Music, The power of Story, Youth Ministry Basics, Mission and Formation and many more.

Each module takes between two and three hours to work through. They build on each other to form a thorough, theologically rigorous and engaging series of lessons. Online forums allow learners to interact with each other through conversation and reflection on the module content. Videos, articles, animations and interactive content all serve to help learners learn and connect with the material.

The Diocese of New Westminster holds a group subscription for Trailblazing and can set you up with an account which will allow leaders in your parish to use the resource.

To find out more about Trailblazing, click here to visit the website.