The Order of the Diocese of New Westminster

In May of 2016, Diocesan Council passed a motion amending  Canon 22, the Canon relating to The Order of the Diocese of New Westminster. Beginning in 2016, new members to the ODNW will be nominated and invested every two years. The next Investiture of New Members to the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster will take place Saturday, November 3, 2018, 10:30am at The Massey Theatre, 735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster.

What is the Purpose of the Order?

The purpose of the Order is to honour and give special recognition to lay members of the Diocese who have given outstanding service over a significant period of time in their volunteer ministry. The Investiture Service takes places every other year

What are the eligibility criteria?

  1. Member of the laity.
  2. Service in a volunteer capacity in the parish, and/or a number of parishes (on committees, parish councils, in special outreach, parish activities), and/or at the Diocesan level.
  3. Service over a significant period of time.
  4. Each parish is permitted to nominate one person in each and every even numbered calendar year (Parish Nominee).
  5. Posthumous nominations are not accepted.
  6. Nominees must accept their nomination, be willing to have their names recorded in the Register of the Order, and consent to publicity of their investiture including publication of their photograph.
  7. The Bishop may also nominate up to ten people to the Order (Bishop’s Nominee) in recognition of particular service to the Bishop and to the Diocese. 

What is the Process in the Parish?

Step 1: Nominations may be made by any member in good standing of a parish to the Rector or Priest-in-Charge.

Step 2: All nominations are reviewed and approved by the Rector or Priest-in-Charge who, in consultation with the Wardens, will choose not more than one nominee, and forward that name to the Bishop.

Step 3: The nomination form must be completed in full, and must be accompanied by the $35 processing fee and a photograph of the nominee. 

The completed form, fee and photo must be received in the Bishop’s Office not later than April 30th, 2018.

Details for 2018

Please note that the processing fee is $35.

Please note the requirements regarding the Citation. We require that you prepare the Citation that will be read at the Investiture Service and become part of the permanent record of the ODNW. This Citation must not be longer than 80 words. This strict word limit is a requirement of the application process. Applications with citations longer than 80 words will be returned. We reserve the right to edit the Citation.

When are Nominees notified of their approval?

Nominees will be notified by the Bishop’s Office of their approval after the completion of the process outlined in Synod Regulation 22. This would normally occur in June or July. Rectors/Priests-in-Charge and Wardens will also be notified.

What is the Date of Investiture Service?

The 2018 Investiture Service is scheduled to be held the morning of Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, 10:30am at The Massey Theatre in New Westminster.

For more information

Please contact Bill Siksay, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop’s Office or call at 604-684-6306 ext 228 with questions or for more information.

The preceding information is available in a PDF attached below. The 2018 Parish Nomination Form in Word is also attached below for downloading.

Background on the Insignia
The insignia for The Order of the Diocese of New Westminster is a round medallion featuring the official badge of the Diocese in full coloured enamel struck by Pressed Metal Products of Vancouver. The badge was granted by the Chief Herald of Canada on May 15th, 2007. The colours and many of the symbols on the badge are derived form the coat of arms of the Diocese, granted more than half a century ago. The colours blue and gold are the main colours in the coat of arms and in the badge represent both heaven, and the sea and the riches of the Spirit. The Christian cross takes the form found on the medieval coat of arms attributed to St Edward the Confessor and long associated with Westminster Abbey. In the badge another symbol of St. Edward, the small birds, are given a Canadian flavour with tails ending in a maple leaf shape, fitting for a Canadian Anglican diocese. The wavy white line symbolizes both the ocean and the river which surround much of the Diocese as well as the waters of baptism.
The insignia hang from a special blue gold and white silk ribbon, designed by two leading experts in Canadian symbols, Dr. Christopher McCreery and Major Carl Gauthier, and woven by the famous English firm of Toye Kenning.

When is the medal worn?

The medallion i s to be worn around the neck on the special blue, white and gold ribbon. It is appropriate for members of the Order to wear the medallion at special occasions, in parishes, or at the Diocesan level. Examples of this would be a worship service or event where the Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster is present, at Synod or Diocesan Services & events and at the installation of New Members to the Order.
In addition to the medallion the members of the Order are given a small lapel pin that can be worn with everyday dress.


Available Files to Download

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