118th Synod of the Diocese - Special Synod

Bishop Skelton  has advised Diocesan Council,  the elected and appointed governing body of the diocese that she intends to convene a Special Synod on October 13, 2018.  As of this posting in mid-April 2018, the primary purpose of the synod will be to consider changes to Canon 2, the set of rules which govern how a bishop is elected in the Diocese of New Westminster.

The Canon 2 Task Force was created to address these concerns and to recommend changes to the Canon to allow for a better, less frantic timeline and a more transparent and fair process.

The proposed revisions will comprise the main agenda for the October 13 Synod. This will be the 118th Synod the diocese of New Westminster.

Synod Delegates elected earlier this year at parish Vestry Meetings have received email correspondence about the call to Synod.

All information about the Synod can be found by clicking this link.

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