Fentanyl and the DTES

Fentanyl and the DTES

Please come to this informative session lead by Father Kevin Hunt of St. James Anglican Church which is located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (DTES).

As well as being an active church of worship in the heart of the DTES, St. James also runs a Street Outreach Program. 

Amongst the DTES residents - housed or homeless - there is a constant battle against fentanyl and the devastating effects it causes. There were 120 suspected drug overdose deaths in Mar 2017. This is a 51.9% increase over the number of death occurring in March 2016 (79).

Father Kevin Hunt will be visiting St. Martin's to talk about this problem in the DTES.  He will also touch on how this might affect us here in Upper Lonsdale.

To view more information about St. James Street Outreach Program, please follow this link.

To view an article on the Graffiti artist of this picture, please follow this link.

For information on statistics on Fentanyl overdose death by year, age and area, please follow this link.

Please RSVP by contacting the office.

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