KAIROS' Rolling Justice Bus

KAIROS' Rolling Justice Bus

Ride the Rolling Justice Bus this summer contact [email protected]

An 8 - Day mobile bus community of creative people passionate about Change and Justice.

You can also contact the Eco-Justice Unit Chair the Reverend Margaret Marquardt.

Calling all critical thinkers, wilderness lovers, peaceful warriors, spiritual seekers, justice-makers and cultural creatives of every kind!   We’re putting together a project we think might be a good fit for who you are and where you are on your life’s journey.    

It’s called the Rolling Justice Bus (RJB). Here are a few details…  


  • To frame justice issues in ways that challenge the “business as usual” story and allow us to articulate a new hope-filled story: one based on healthy relationships, respect for the web of life, and empowered communities.  
  • To encourage, support and celebrate local justice initiatives throughout the Fraser River Basin and Peace River watershed regions of BC that focus on environmental and indigenous justice themes.  
  • To connect these local issues with provincial, national and global struggles whenever possible.  
  • To deepen conversations and share ideas with churches, grassroots leaders and First Nations about what reconciliation might look like in a post TRC reality.   


Accommodation and food would be provided for the most part by local churches, organizations and hosts. The bus will travel from Vancouver, stopping at Kamloops, Likely (near Mount Polley Mine), Prince George, Fort St. John; returning the same way.   

The bus seats 51. Some seats will be reserved for KAIROS support staff and companions.   Volunteers travelling on the bus will include KAIROS companions with experience in organizing, engagement, project management, communication, spiritual reflection, documentation, articulation, and artistic expression.  

What do I need to do in order to ride the bus this summer?  

You must be at least 19 years old, or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  

You must apply by answering the application questions as fully and as creatively as you can. If you’d prefer to send us a video reply, do so. Use any and all mediums- we’re looking for people who love to communicate and are comfortable with artistic expression.  

Application Questions  

1) Why is this initiative important to you as a change-maker and a person of faith/hope?  

2) What do you bring to this project? In other words, what skills/talents/passions/experiential knowledge can you contribute to the RJ bus community that will help us articulate a new story of relationship and hope in BC? Be as specific as you can. There is an expectation that everyone who rides the bus will be willing to share their gifts and take on various responsibilities for the bus community’s life and work. We want your engagement on all levels, including leadership.  

3) Most of the costs for this trip are expected to be covered by donations and funding from churches and foundations. However, financial support for the grassroots activists we visit, as well as to offset the expenses of this trip for some of our participants, would be appreciated. That’s why we’re creating a Justice Fund. Would you be willing/able to contribute to the Justice Fund?   suggested range for donations: $100- $500 (Note: Inability to make a donation to this fund will not be a barrier to participation.)    

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