Last Friday Labyrinth Walk

Last Friday Labyrinth Walk

The featured artist for the 2015 January Last Friday Labyrinth Walk is Johanna Hauser. 

Here is what Johanna says"

“When I play music at St. Paul’s Labyrinth I drop into the sound and the sound guides me, moving my focus from ideas to feelings, from thought to sensation, and from the temporal to the eternal. I trust that whatever comes out of the clarinet will be what’s needed, perhaps lightening the step, easing the way, uplifting the spirit. My passion for making live, beautiful music available to people of all ages and walks of life is fulfilled at the Labyrinth as well as in my work with ‘Kits Classics+Worlds Beyond’, a concert series that presents Vancouver’s great professional musicians in free chamber music concerts at the Carnegie Centre and at St. James Community Square.”

Walk the labyrinth as you listen to the music of the clarinet. This event starts at 7pm and ends 9pm.  Hope to see you there!

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