Monument Unveiling in Sechelt

Monument Unveiling in Sechelt

Nancy and John Denham of St. Hilda's, Sechelt have been invited by the shíshálh Nation Chief and Council to help with the fundraising for a commemorative monument to the Students and Families who attended the Sechelt Indian Residential School.

The monument is a stone carving of a grandmother holding the hands of a child. The stone is red granite coming from Texada Island in the territory of the shíshálh First Nation. The monument will be located in a beautiful kiosk already prepared for its arrival, on the original site of the old Residential School in the area behind the Raven's Cry Theatre (see photo and click for google map location).

The shíshálh Nation will be unveiling this monument at a ceremony on September 19th, 2015. Children from forty-eight distinct First Nations were forced to attend the Residential School. Those Nations will be extended an invitation from the shíshálh First Nation to witness the ceremony.

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This event is currently listed as "ALL DAY' we will make the start time once that information is relayed to diocesan communications.

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