MovieNight @ St. Pauls: Films on Glenn Gould

This month of May, Movienight @ St. Paul’s presents 33 short films about Glenn Gould, (born September 25, 1932 and died October 4, 1982) who is one of the most brilliant and celebrated classical pianists. He played the music of Johann Sebastian Bach with such technical proficiency bringing out polyphonic texture of Bach’s music.

His recordings were mainly music by Bach, although he had a diverse Gould’s repertoire with works by Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, pre-Baroque composers such as Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Orlando Gibbons and William Byrd, and such 20th-century composers as Paul Hindemith, Arnold Schoenberg and Richard Strauss. Gould was also known as a writer, composer, conductor, and

Get to know Glenn Gould, his music, eccentricities and passion.

The short films start on May 5 at 7pm , but the door opens at 6:45pm enough time for you to load up with popcorn, pizza, drink and a bit of a fellowship with your fellow movie buffs. Doors close as soon as the film starts so please do not be late. Please enter via the red external door located at 1140 Jervis Street.

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