Philippine Canadian Worship for Easter

Philippine Canadian Worship for Easter

Four parishes in the Diocese of New Westminster have significant Philippine-Canadian congregations and Philippine-Canadian priests. These parishes are located in: Vancouver, Southeast Vancouver, New Westminster (Sapperton) and Surrey.

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Worship Schedule

Holy Communion Services – Holy Week and Easter (Semana Santa) 2017  

St. Mary’s, South Hill, Vancouver  

808 East 5oth Avenue

  • April 9, Palm Sunday (Domingo Ramos)
  • 10:30am April 13,  Maundy Thursday (Huwebes Santo)7pm
  • April 14,  Good Friday (Biyernes Santo) 10:30am
  • April 15,  Holy Saturday (Sabado Gloria) 7pm
  • April 16,  Easter Sunday (Domingo Alleluia) 10:30am    

St Michael’s, Surrey 

12996-60 Avenue

  • April 9, Palm Sunday at 10am – Blessing of Palms - Liturgy of the Passion
  • April 13, Maundy Thursday at  6:30pm - Ceremony of the Washing of Feet
  • April 14 Good Friday at 12noon
  • April 16, Easter Sunday at 10am  -   Renewal of Baptismal Vows    

St. Michael’s Multicultural Church, Vancouver  

409, East Broadway

  • April 9, Palm Sunday (Domingo Ramos) 10am
  • April 13, Maundy Thursday (Huwebes Santo) 6pm
  • April 14, Good Friday (Biyernes Santo)  10am
  • April 16, Easter Sunday (Domingo Alleluia) 10am  

St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton  

121 East Columbia Street (New Westminster)

  • April 9, Palm Sunday -10am
  • April 13, Maundy Thursday – 7pm
  • April 14, Good Friday – 10am.
  • April 15, Great Easter Vigil – 6pm
  • April 16, Easter Sunday – 10am  

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