Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation

The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism is pleased to announce the 2016 session of the Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation.

The program will run from June 21 – 24, at Queen’s House of Retreats, Saskatoon.

It is an excellent learning opportunity for those in ecumenical ministries, those planning to work in ecumenical situations and for lay people and clergy who wish to learn more about ecumenical theology.

The brochure linked below brochure outlines the opportunity to attain a Certificate in Ecumenical Studies from St. Andrew’s College and the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism.

This summer will be one of note as our first class, who began in 2014, will convocate!

There are 2 other attachments linked below with the brochure:a letter of explanation, and an application.


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