PWRDF Sunday - Reign of Christ

PWRDF Sunday - Reign of Christ

For those parishes choosing to focus on the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) on November 22nd 2015 (The Reign of Christ), here is some information about PWRDF and available resources.

PWRDF is one vehicle that we as Anglicans, here in this Diocese and across Canada, use to live out our mission commitments and respond collectively to needs we and our partners identify.

Our Diocesan PWRDF Unit has named two areas of the PWRDF’s work that merit particular attention, namely, food security as experienced with partners in Cuba and clean water with partners in Africa. Please work to increase the understanding and appreciation of the work of the PWRDF in general, and make sure that parishioners also know that in times of emergency or significant natural disaster that the PWRDF uses its extensive network to support relief efforts.

You are invited to contact Mr Peter Goodwin, Chairperson of the Diocese’s PWRDF Unit, for assistance and for materials. Materials for each parish will be available from the Unit prior to November 22nd and further information will be available through to Lent 2016.

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