Remembering World War 1

Remembering World War 1

“Songs & Scenes of WW1”  

This year November 11th is the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1. 

Remembrance Day is observed to remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty. This day became a tradition following its inauguration by King George V in 1919.  Currently on November 11th we recognize and remember all who fought in all wars; particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

Remembering is something we all do.  We remember family and friends and the times we have shared.  We remember significant events in our lives; birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, passing our Driver’s Test, first jobs, first day of school; the list is endless.

As this November 11th is such a historic event, we will be producing a special show - “Songs & Scenes of WW1”.   Veterans Affairs Canada has approved funding of $1,200 to All Saints Anglican Church, under the Commemorative Partnership Program, to assist with the eligible costs of staging the above production.    

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