Smoke on the Mountain at Pacific Theatre

Smoke on the Mountain at Pacific Theatre

The city’s only faith-based professional theatre company, Pacific Theatre located in the lower level of Holy Trinity, Vancouver (in the venerable Chalmer’s Building) specializes in plays that explore the spiritual side of life – with a season that ranges from family fun to riskier work, Smoke on the Mountain falls in the first category.

Taking its name from the Psalm 104:32, “He who looks at the earth, and it trembles, who touches the mountains, and they smoke”, the show takes place at the first-ever hymn sing service of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in North Carolina in 1938.

A church with a membership of 63 (soon to be 64 after a baptism!) and a young upstart pastor desperate to push them into the modern era, the church has a newly acquired electric light and is skeptical of the concept of a hymn sing. They are visited by the Singing Sanders Family who regale them with songs and personal testimony.

While the congregation of Mount Pleasant Baptist may be unsure of what they’re getting themselves into, the play pokes fun at their old fashioned ways with charm and a clear appreciation for the roots of the story.

Playing Oct. 9-Nov 1 at Pacific Theatre. For more information visit

Photo: Damon Calderwood, Gordon Roberts, Matthew Simmons, Mack Gordon, Caitriona Murphy. PHOTO BY: Damon Calderwood

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