Spiritual but not Religious?

Spiritual but  not  Religious?

Spiritual but not Religious? How to further develop your own spirituality

Every Wednesday after the 7pm service @ St. Paul's (7:45pm) starting March 4, 2015 through April 1, 2015. 

Learn the secrets from well renowned Christian Mystics of all times and gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual practices.  A five, one-and-a-half-hour session seminar that will spark the natural flame and increase your thirst and hunger for a true spirituality based on action, love and compassion. 

Recommended book to read before or during the seminar:

The way of paradox: Spiritual life as taught by Meister Eckhart, by Cyprian Smith, OSB

Additional Information about the objectives.

At the end of this seminar, the participant

  1. Understands and shares a common definition of spirituality
  2. Compares it with his/her own
  3. Begins to explore spirituality
  4. Establishes the goal of his/her own spirituality
  5. Understands the elements of an authentic spirituality
  6. Addresses issues of religion and spirituality

Registration Fee = $20.00

Please call Maria of the Church Office at 604.685.6832 ext 10 (leave a detailed message) or email at [email protected] You can also contact Fernando Esté at [email protected]


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