Victims of Forced Displacement in El Salvador

A Workshop focused on the victims of violence in El Salvador and Central America

Today in El Salvador, Foundation Cristosal is sheltering fourteen family members at a clandestine location after they were threatened with death and forced to flee their homes by organized criminal groups, or gangs, operating within the country.  El Salvador is now one of the most violent countries in the world, and the displacement of families and communities as a result of gang persecution has become a daily phenomenon. And yet there are no policies, resources or programs available to protect  to protect these victims. Not providing proper protection to victims, particularly in cases of children, adolescents and seniors is a violation of the rule of law and is a serious violation of human rights. Foundation Cristosal is currently the ONLY organization in the country offering assistance to victims and advocating on their behalf.

Cristosal is building a long-term strategy to provide assistance to the victims of forced displacement and advocate for the creation of public policy.  In the meantime, we need the support of people who care about justice in providing the necessary protections for this victimized family.

Workshop participants will learn about the issue of victims of forced displacement and develop ways that Canadians can provide assistance and support for the work of organizations like Foundation Cristosal. Please come; join us to learn and respond to this growing social justice issue.

 Executive Director Noah Bullock and Development Director Hannah Perls will be on hand to speak about the current situation in Central America for victims of violence and the leadership role Foundation Cristosal is playing in this developing tragedy.

5:30pm, for Simple Supper; Workshop from 7-9:30pm

Donations are encouraged  for those attending supper; There is no charge for the Workshop

2490 West 37th Avenue (at Larch), Vancouver, BC

RSVP: Call (604) 261-4228 to register for supper and the workshop

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