St. John the Divine

Our Mission: To worship God; To nurture all God's people; To reach out to others; To grow in love.

St.  John the Divine

St. John the Divine is the oldest church in mainland British Columbia. Its’ history began with the Gold Rush of 1850-52.

As we view our past, the people of St. John the Divine are aware of the pioneer spirit of our ancestors. This spirit gave them courage to venture forward, moving and adapting their church buildings and worship to the reality they experienced.

We rely on this same spirit to energize us to be equally faithful to our God who will be with us in the midst of transition and future change.

Join us every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. (Coffee hour follows) and experience the timeless beauty of holiness at historic St. John.

Front of Church


Asking the Big Questions

Episcopal Visitation to St. John the Divine, Maple Ridge October 22, 2017 On October 22, 2017, The 20th Sunday after Pentecost, Bishop Melissa Skelton visited the oldest church building (1859) in the diocese, now... Read More