St. Augustine's, Marpole

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to be a part of our parish.

St. Augustine's, Marpole

We are a group of people who care for one another, and who meet together regularly to pray in our 100+ year old church. We have a long history of reaching out to people in our neighbourhood. Whether you are a hungry person looking for food, a young mother looking to learn with her children, or a lonely individual looking for a loving community, you will be welcomed at St. Augustine’s.

St. Augustine lived in Africa in the 4th & 5th centuries. His vision of the Holy Trinity is ‘Lover, Beloved, and Love’ and his teachings remind us that ‘if you understand it, it’s not God.’ We strive to continue exploring the Divine Mystery, and to always be surprised when we encounter the presence of God. We invite you to come and surprise us with God in your life.


UPDATE - St. Augustine's Garage Fire

Early in the morning of June 18, 2017, a single car parked in the street level ground floor garage of St. Augustine’s Anglican Church on Hudson Street located in the south Vancouver neighbourhood of Marpole burst... Read More


UPDATED - FIRE at St. Augustine, Marpole

The members of the parish of St Augustine in Marpole awoke Sunday morning to the news that there was a fire overnight in the parkade under the parish hall. The Church, which is a heritage building, was undamaged,... Read More