2018 DSfPD Week Long School Welcomes Diversity

At the June 13 meeting of Diocesan Council both Archbishop Skelton and Dr. Tellison Glover , Director for Mission and Ministry Development remarked on how much they are both enjoying the 2018 week long session of the Diocesan School for Parish Development taking place at VST on the UBC Campus the week of June 10.

Of the 32 students registered for the 2018 program:  three are from the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines (EDNP) and two of those (both clergy) Padi Elvie and Padi Lucretia visited our diocese last year; there are two from All Saints’, Kimberly; two from Christ Church Bells Corner, Nippon, one from All Saints’, Vernon; one from the Episcopal Church of Micronesia, and one person from Guam who is attending the school at the invitation of the Principal of VST, the Reverend Dr. Richard Topping.

Joining DSfPD founder, Archbishop Melissa Skelton and Director of the two Canadian Schools (New Westminster and Ottawa), the Reverend Andrew Halladay are trainers: Anna Greenwood-Lee (Calgary), Geoff Chapman (Ottawa), Rhonda Waters (Ottawa) and the Venerable Louie Engnan, well-known as the Archdeacon of Fraser and rector of St. Michael’s, Surrey in our diocese.

This increased diversity has created an environment where the trainers are not only leading the learning but are experiencing learning as well as they are shown new ways of looking at the material through the eyes of those who have come to learn from outside the Diocese of New Westminster and from outside of North America. 

Follow this link to access more photos at Anglican Conversation the Facebook page of the Diocese of New Westminster.