Newcomer Fundraising News!

On June 10, 2018, during the North Vancouver Region's annual combined Eucharist, Diocesan Refugee Unit chair, Shannon Muir announced that the June 2 fundraiser at St. Clement raised a fabulous $16,320.95. This will go toward the estimated $27,000 needed for this year to continue to support Malis' family of four from Congo who arrived during the second week of April 2018 and three individuals who will arrive this year.

Many thanks go out to the organizing team particularly the folks at St. Clement, Lynn Valley. A truly remarkable fundraising effort.

These newcomers are sponsored by the North Vancouver based Regional Ecumencial Support Team (REST) consisting of North Vancouver Anglican and Lutheran parishes and some dedicated individuals from the wider community.



  • Shannon Muir makes the announcement on June 10
  • Malis' family with David and Wilna Parry at St. Clement's, April 15, 2018.