Thanksgiving for Animals and All Creation

As of this writing on the actual Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4,  a number of the parishes in the Diocese of New Westminster have either celebrated worship events dedicated to the well known Christian Saint or are looking forward to liturgies on the weekend. The Parish of Holy Trinity, Vancouver got off to an early start with a service of “Thanksgiving for Animals and all Creation” held in the sanctuary on the rainy afternoon of September 30.

This was a bit different than some of the more familiar pet blessing liturgies as each of the four dogs in attendance were presented before the congregation at the point in worship following the Creed and then made their way up to the chancel with their human companions; they gathered in a group and Prayer for the Created Order and a prayer of Thanksgiving for all Animals and Pets was led by the rector, the Reverend Karl Przywala. A memory book connected to a beloved pet and two Beanie Babies (alligator and turtle) were also included in the group receiving prayers from the congregation and certificates of blessing.

HTV, Director of Music, Michael Park is a very fine organist and pianist and he did a stellar job accompanying a selection hymns that included: “How Great Thou Art”, “All Things Bright and Beautiful” (using the hymn tune “Royal Oak” and then for the last verse and two refrains a very smooth transition and modulation to the somewhat better known “All Things Bright and Beautiful” tune) and of course “All Creatures of Our God and King”. Seated at the piano in the nave, he greeted the congregation upon their arrival with a whimsical rendition of "How Much is that Doggie in the Window".

Following worship all were welcomed in the Parish Hall for pet treats and people treats.


  • Beni (short for Benison meaning blessing) the Papillon  
  • Rev. Przywala leads the Prayers for the Created Order
  • A very handsome Schnoodle (Schnauser/Poodle cross)
  • A Lab/Husky cross
  • Singing "All Things Bright and Beautiful"