The 2017 Tri-Parish Eucharist in Surrey

The 4th Annual Surrey Tri-Parish Eucharist and Picnic with Bishop Melissa Skelton preaching and presiding was a little different than the three previous versions. With the cloud ceiling lowering threateningly on Saturday evening the 17th, organizers decided to cancel the outdoor component at Surrey's Bear Creek Park and move the event to St. Michael's, Surrey. On June 18 rain fell in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley for most of the day so the decision to move the event was a wise one.

The three parishes currently participating in the event are: St. Michael's, St. Helen's and the Anglican Church of Epiphany. There are plans to include other parishes in the Peace Arch Deanery for next year among them St. Cuthbert, Delta and possibly St. Mark's, Ocean Park. This event is a wonderful example of cooperation with each of the parishes involved taking on different responsibilities regarding the liturgy and the social component. The music in worship was a team effort and all in attendance enjoyed the music leadership of a brass section and a percussionist.

Even though the event was moved indoors there was still an excellent turnout with attendance estimates in the 125-150 range.

There was lots of food available including a turkey dinner, lots of pizza and Father's Day tribute cupcakes. The majority of worshippers gathered in the bright and spacious St. Michael's hall after the service to enjoy food and some time together.


  •  The Buffet in the hall after worship
  • The Children's Talk
  • The Band
  • Intercession
  • Congregational singing
  • #1 Dad
  • Table Group from St. Michael's
  • Table Group from Epiphany
  • The Engnan Family plus

For Wayne Chose's detailed photo coverage of this event please click to access the photo album on Anglican Conversation the Facebook pages of the Diocese of New Westminster