Letters sent to parishioners regarding Canon 15 actions

Letters have been sent by the Diocese of New Westminster to all parishioners at the two parishes where the Diocese has invoked a church bylaw (Canon 15) to bring the parishes under more direct management by the... Read More

Diocese takes steps under Canon 15

The Diocese has taken steps under Canon 15 towards removing clergy who have left the Anglican Church of Canada rather than accepting the decisions of the Diocesan Synod and General Synod. The Diocese has invoked the... Read More


Father Matthew Johnson of St. James makes a point at a hearing at City Hall in Vancouver this summer. (Jay Black (c) 2008) The parish that lives in one of our poorest neighbourhoods in the Vancouver area-and in... Read More

Recommended reading

Lives of audacious, saintly Anglicans Audacious Anglicans: Heroes of the Anglican Communion by Robert J. Moore and Gerald T. Rayner, Bluejay Publishing, 2008, $19.95. Review by Herbert O'Driscoll If you wish to... Read More

Adoption: a personal mission

Many years ago when I first started my walk with Christ a close friend and mentor used to ask my wife and me what passion God had laid on our hearts. It was another way of asking the question, what mission will be... Read More

The Spouses Conference

Bishop Michael Ingham and Gwen Ingham at Lambeth, 2008   July 26 - Gwen Ingham Gives a Spouse's Perspective From my perspective, the Lambeth Spouses Conference of 2008 feels a lot more open and spiritually... Read More

What Happened at the Lambeth Conference

The Lambeth Conference is a once-a-decade gathering of the world's Anglican bishops. They've met fourteen times since the first conference in 1867. This year the conference took place at the University of Kent, near... Read More

Bishop says diocese must "consider deeply" its response to the Lambeth Conference

Bishop Michael Ingham at the close of the Lambeth Conference said that the Diocese of New Westminster will have to “consider deeply” what action it should take in response. In an audio report he said that he felt... Read More

Archbishop of Canterbury wants ordinations and blessing of gay and lesbian people to cease

The Archbishop of Canterbury believes that American and Canadian Anglican Churches should cease from ordaining bishops in open same sex relationships or blessing same sex unions. At a media conference at the close... Read More