The Bishop's Christmas Message: Unexpected Birth

"Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, exclaimed with a loud cry, 'Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.'" (St. Luke 1: 41-42) There is an extraordinary story in Luke's Gospel about... Read More

Residents find the Young Wolves Lodge valuable

Wynona, Dacia, Pamela (transition worker), Jeannie, and Susie (staff member) at the Young Wolves Lodge in South Vancouver Women at the Coming Home Society's Young Wolves Lodge recently told a group of... Read More

St. Mary's to consider blessing

The Parish Council of St. Mary's Kerrisdale plans to put a motion before their annual Vestry (membership) meeting next month that would ask Bishop Michael Ingham to designate St. Mary's as a parish where the rite of... Read More


Nine year olds Anna Crone and Holly McIver, and Holly's 11 year-old sister Emma recently decided to raise money to help other children. When their parents expressed concern about their initial plan to simply... Read More

Opinion - Lutherans & Anglicans are working together

For some time now Lutherans and Anglicans have cooperated in the programme called Church Depot. Without much publicity, we have also been working together in the area of Social Justice in many ways. Lutherans have... Read More

Memories of Christmas

Christmas was a busy time on the farm. There were lots of calves to feed, lots of cows to milk, and lots of straw and hay to be spread. Unlike Dylan Thomas's memories of Christmas in Wales, we rarely had snow. What... Read More

Opinion - Our homelessness crisis

When I moved to Vancouver in June of 1981, I had no difficulty in finding an apartment I could afford, in the neighbourhood I chose. A year later, I moved again-to a different neighbourhood that would allow me to... Read More

Holy Moments

My friend thinks I should write a book called "Twelve Days in the Loonie Bin". Pretty catchy title, isn't it? You see, although they are politically incorrect, I feel I am allowed to use phrases like "loonie bin"... Read More

Editorial - Preparing for change in 2008

The year 2008 will be a year of change in our church. Of course the Church, at least that part of it in the world and not in heaven, changes all the time. But change most likely will be especially visible to members... Read More

Thank you, Richard Dawkins

  Leslie Buck Richard Dawkins respects neither religion in general nor Christianity in particular. If you find this distressful, The God Delusion (Houghton Mifflin, 2006) is not for you. But if you can let... Read More