The Bishop’s Christmas Message

Bishop Michael Ingham Christmas, at its deepest level, is about God making a home in the world. It’s... Read More

When Christmas hurts

The very thought of Christmas makes my stomach lurch, and it has nothing to do with too much Christmas cake and sherry. I honestly thought I was the only person on the planet that hated Christmas. The expectation... Read More

Components of the Diocese’s Strategic Plan

New Diocesan Ministry Priorities The priorities and ministry direction of the diocese are overwhelmingly endorsed by Synod and are missional in nature. While our priorities came from “grass roots” meetings around... Read More

Understanding the Diocesan Strategic Plan

Members of the Diocesan Council Strategic Working Group: Mike Burpee, Rob Dickson, Jim Steward, Ron Harrison, Dean Peter Elliott, Ian... Read More

New West Mothers’ Union pilots parenting course

For the first time in Canada a new parenting course has been piloted by the World-Wide Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of New Westminster. It is entitled Building Healthy Families. A group of eight Canadian Mothers’... Read More


Just to confuse the British, two New Westminster couples with the same name (but spelled differently) represented the diocese at last month’s meeting of the Compass Rose Society in Canterbury, England—Diocesan... Read More

‘Journey of Christmas’ display open for Christmas

From its humble beginnings with nine outdoor theatres built with tarps and chicken-wire, to a combination of welcoming music, lights, facade, nightly carol-singing and permanent wooden theatres, St. Mark’s Ocean... Read More

Around the Diocese

Bishop Michael Ingham speaking to the Yale Deanery. (John Sovereign photos) Yale considers Anglican identity By Gail Newell Christ Church... Read More