St. John’s wins award for access

The City of Port Moody’s Community Care Committee has named St. John the Apostle in Port Moody the recipient of the 2005 Peter Hulbert Accessibility Award, the first time it has been given. The award recognizes... Read More

San Francisco Dean maintains certitude is the opposite of faith.

Dean Alan Jones, right, speaks with the Rev. Canon Bernard Barrett and Pauline Barrett at St. Philip’s, Vancouver, after the dean’s address. (Brenda Berck photo) In this personal response to a lecture by... Read More

PWRDF Unit has a lot happening

PWRDF Unit chair Peter Goodwin and national board member Denise Hambidge at a display at the PWRDF’s annual meeting in Orillia Mining disasters have made the news lately, and in 1958 it was a mining disaster... Read More


The Bishop last month appointed the Rev. April Stanley as interim priest-in-charge of All Saints, Ladner. She returned to the Diocese recently after a year’s study leave in California. Prior to that, April was... Read More


Democracy is a word we’re hearing quite a bit about these days, and it should be noted that the Anglican Church is very much a representative democracy. Each diocesan leader, its bishop, is elected. Once elected,... Read More

History excites new archivist

  Melanie Wallace became the diocese’s archivist at the beginning of the year. Well, how to title a short introduction from the archives is not an easy task. A quick canvassing of my friends for an idea for a... Read More

Lent’s fasting will lead to the feast of Easter

In its earliest sense, Lent referred to the lengthening of days in the spring. The association of the term with fasting is more recent, especially in the English speaking world. But the custom of fasting in the days... Read More

Joy house

The House on 64th Avenue

  There’s an old cherry tree at the back of 1450 West 64th Avenue in the Marpole area of Vancouver that’s not in very good shape. There are only a few healthy shoots branching out high in the air. Joy Kogawa... Read More

St. James’ in Vancouver reviews 125 years of fashion

The “Ooooh”s and “Ahhhhhh”s characteristic of modern fashion shows were far from absent on a Saturday evening in January, at the “125 Years of Fashion” evening hosted by St. James in celebration of their 125th... Read More

Parishioners help children read

Four years ago, Gwynne Thompson, a teacher at Lord Selkirk Annex in Vancouver, was desperate to find a way to improve the reading skills of her students. Listening intently to Nevin Li at Selkirk Annex in... Read More