Two parishes ask permission to perform same sex blessings

Two parishes in the Diocese of New Westminster have voted to ask to be added to the list of places where same sex blessings may take place. St. Mary’s Kerrisdale in Vancouver, and the Church of the Holy Spirit in... Read More

Bishop asks 11 clergy to say whether they remain within the Anglican Church of Canada

Bishop Michael Ingham is asking 11 of his clergy to formally declare whether they’re in or out of the Anglican Church of Canada. The priests have been involved in a series of meetings in which congregations in four... Read More

Diocese regrets decision of people to leave Anglican Church of Canada

Results from the Vestry meeting of St. John’s Shaughnessy on February 13 and St. Matthew's, Abbotsford, on Feb. 17, indicate that members of those parishes plan to leave the Anglican Church of Canada. The parish... Read More

Head of the Canadian Church urges congregations to remain within the Anglican Church in Canada

The Primate (Chief Bishop) of the Anglican Church of Canada is urging all parishes to try to work out their differences with their diocesan bishops while staying within the Church. Archbishop Fred Hiltz said he... Read More

Bishop discusses issues facing the diocese

Bishop Michael Ingham sat down with a group of 17 Anglicans from parishes across the Diocese to talk about several issues facing the Church and answer questions they had. The session—which was video taped—touched... Read More

Bishop warns against separatist actions in the Diocese of New Westminster

Bishop Michael Ingham has told priests and parish officers in four parishes that it is their responsibility to keep their parishes within the Diocese of New Westminster. “No parish or congregation in the Diocese of... Read More