Mapping with the cousins–unofficially

We all have favorite things that we like to do individually or as families. Perhaps you have a favorite movie that you like to watch. As a family we have a Christmas movie that we like to gather and watch together... Read More


He Came and sat on our gym floor Scruffy, dirty clothes, reeking of booze Body held tensely, Ready for flight Eyes – sad, wounded, angry “I swore I’d never set foot in a church again!” he slurred I nod... Read More

Challenged by Bus Slogans

Slogans by Christian and atheist groups appeared on buses in England and elsewhere. Make your own slogan by going to... Read More

Retired Bishop leaves Anglican Church of Canada

A retired Anglican bishop has relinquished his ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada and decided to work with the Anglican Network in Canada. Ron Ferris, for 28 years the bishop of Yukon and later of Algoma,... Read More

Nominations due for new Order of New Westminster

A nomination from each parish for one of their members to be inducted into the new Order of New Westminster next fall is due March 31, Dean Peter Elliott has announced. The Order has been authorized by Diocesan... Read More

Honouring Tracy

Like many Vancouver residents, I first learned of Tracy’s life when I read of her death. There was no room at the inn for Tracy the week before Christmas; even when there literally was room, she knew from experience... Read More

Letter to the Editor:

Ron Dart Biblical Judaism, for the most part, is a prophetic religion. Most of the books in the Jewish canon reflect the vision... Read More

Mountaintop Ministry at SFU

The Lutheran-Anglican Mountaintop Ministry (LAMM) at SFU was born when Rebecca Goyan, a lecturer in Chemistry, found there was no Anglican or Lutheran campus ministry when she moved to SFU in May 2006. Following... Read More

Shorter, more focused Diocesan Synod coming in May

The convening circular of Diocesan Synod 2009 is now available, click here.   Details of a shorter Diocesan Synod have been announced by the Diocesan Synod Planning Committee. The Rev. Stephen Bailey, chair... Read More

Zimbabwe remembered on Ash Wednesday

In response to the request by the Primates of the Anglican Communion, Anglican Churches throughout the world prayed with the people of Zimbabwe this Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25, indicating their solidarity with the... Read More