Annlarochelle richard and christophe

Meet Your Relatives - Grassroots Ecumenism - Part 2

  The second of three in a series of Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogues will be held on Sunday afternoon, March 23 at Holy Trinity Cathedral in New Westminster. Organizers were overwhelmed by the favourable response... Read More

St christophers window pane campaign progress

Window Cam-PANE Revisited at St. Christopher's, West Van.

  In the January 2014 issue of Topic on page 15 and on the website news page for December we told you about the fundraising initiative at St. Christopher’s, West Vancouver to do some major repairs to their bell... Read More

1 thomas and shelia pose with some tulips

Common Threads Indigo Quilts

  It all began as a project to dampen the acoustics and add colour to the bland but noisy and echoing Parish Hall at Christ Church Cathedral. We planned to engage the community and share our love of textiles and... Read More

4 dean peter displays and explains the significance of the pectoral cross

Vancouver Sun Coverage of the Upcoming Consecration and Installation

  On Friday afternoon February 21st, noted Vancouver author and journalist Douglas Todd and Vancouver Sun Video Editor, Francis Georgian interviewed the Very Reverend Peter Elliott, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral... Read More

March ad

Case Studies in Stewardship

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Hannah and her community

I Will Always be Welcome

  Hannah Greenfield, age 12 was baptized recently at St. Clement’s, North Vancouver and wrote this paragraph about it to go with these three images.  “On All Saints Day (the first of November) I got baptised at St.... Read More

Ellen and belinda

Diocesan Council Highlights February 11, 2014

OPENING – Welcome Dean Peter Elliott, chair for the evening, opened the meeting and spoke about how this Church Year has a longer than normal Season of Epiphany. There are more Sundays, as Easter is later in 2014.... Read More

St david of wales

East Vancouver Parish Votes to Request Closure

On February 2, 2014, the Parish of St. David of Wales Anglican Church voted to request Ministry and Congregational Development Committee and Diocesan Council to recommend to the Bishop (Diocesan Administrator in the... Read More