Report - Open Discussion on the Marriage Canon

On Wednesday evening, January 27, approximately 40 clergy and lay of the diocese gathered with three of the four lay and two of the three clergy delegates to General Synod 2016 from the diocese of New Westminster.... Read More

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February 2016 Topic

  Deadline for submissions for the April issue - February 26 To manage your Anglican Journal/Topic subscription please click the link. Read More


Coming Home Society - Wisdom of Elders

The Coming Home Society is excited to be working in partnership with Urban Native Youth Association in a new venture to serve Aboriginal youth. The “Wisdom of Elders” program will support at-risk young women and men... Read More

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We Raised 10 Grand on Indiegogo

Church-worlds are often small worlds. A young man who I know through the Student Christian Movement and my partner’s former housemate are both Unitarian Universalist ministers who work with congregations in their... Read More


Compass Rose Society Annual Meeting - 2015

On October 28 and 29, 2015,  the Compass Rose Society held its annual meeting in London, England. Our Diocese is a member of this Society and I was honoured to be asked to attend and to visit the hallowed halls of... Read More


UPDATE - Welcome! St. Mary Magdalene

In the Christian tradition Mary Magdalene holds a special place. She is often called the 'First Apostle’ as the first person, female or male, to see the risen Christ and to be given a charge to proclaim that message... Read More


Anglican Presence at MVA Meeting

There was a significant Anglican presence at this information and community-building event. The mood was very positive as MVA moves forward with new members and new community initiatives. The theme of the day can be... Read More


St Agnes's Day Celebration - January 17

On January 17, 2016, the parish of St. Agnes’, North Vancouver welcomed Bishop Melissa Skelton back to her parish for the second time in her episcopacy to participate in the celebration of their patronal festival... Read More

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Requiem Eucharist for The Right Reverend James David Cruickshank

The entire upper level of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver was filled to capacity by 3pm, January 16, for Bishop Jim Cruickshank’s Requiem Eucharist. Hundreds of people gathered to worship together in the church... Read More


Primate's Reflection on Canterbury Meeting

Please click the link to access the Most Reverend Fred Hiltz's Reflection on the Meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion in Canterbury, England, January 11-15, 2016. Read More