Head of Canadian Church tells Anglicans to get on with mission to poor and needy

Primate Fred Hiltz insists that Canadian Anglicans get over any preoccupation with whether the Anglican Church will survive—and stop focusing too much on issues of sexuality—and get on with what should be its first... Read More

Primate ordains deacons at Christ Church Cathedral

The Primate (Head Archbishop) of the Anglican Church of Canada told a diocesan congregation at Christ Church Cathedral gathered for an ordination Sunday night (June 22) that he values the Diocese of New Westminster... Read More

Bishop finds "strengthening of purpose" within diocese

Bishop Michael Ingham declared to Diocesan Synod that he has seen a strengthening of purpose and resolve within the Diocese of New Westminster, despite the highly-publicized disputes over same sex blessings during... Read More

Election results from Diocesan Synod

Members of the Diocesan Synod elect representatives to Diocesan Council – which becomes the diocese’s decision-making body between Synod session—and people to several other offices. Half the members of Diocesan... Read More

Diocesan Synod opposes legal brothels

Members of Synod split over whether the diocese should oppose the legalization of prostitution and the establishment of brothels. In the end the majority (128 votes) agreed with the Rev. of St. Margaret’s, Cedar... Read More

Bishop tells Diocesan Synod that schism must not become normal

Bishop Michael Ingham told Diocesan Synod that as bishop he has a responsibility to ensure that schism does not become normal or accepted in the Anglican Church of... Read More

What happened at Diocesan Synod

The 107th Diocesan Synod, May 30 and 31, dealt with many issues. Here are some of them, compiled by Paul Strudwick for the special Synod TOPIC: Women in the Church   IRoberta Tilton, Women's Auxiliary founder By... Read More