Audrey Neumann of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Unit receives ashes on Good Friday from the Rev. Bern Barrett during a Lenten vigil near the Vancouver Art... Read More

St. Mark's mystery dinners raise funds for PWRDF

Over $2,232 was raised in one night to help those in need during St. Mark’s Ocean Park fun-filled mystery dinners, held earlier this year. “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” involved 80 members of the congregation in... Read More

The Rev. Douglas Stewart

The Rev. Douglas Stewart, who served at St. Michael's, Surrey, and St. Christopher's, West Vancouver, died Feb. 22 in White Rock. He was 83. Stewart was born in Winnipeg, and after a time in the insurance industry... Read More

Deep Cove Coffee House Celebrates Year of Music

St. Clare-in-the-Cove transforms into the Deep Cove Coffee House on the second Friday of each month. It becomes a lively performance space that features acoustic music showcasing local talent. Members of the... Read More

A Reflection:

A friend of mine was startled last week when I told her that Lent was never really acknowledged in the fundamentalist Christian denomination of my upbringing. She remarked: "But Lent is all about guilt! Wouldn't... Read More

St. Catherine's youth aid Third World entrepreneur and the lcoal environment

There will be more pancakes in Samoa due in part to a microcredit loan recently made by Common Ground, a teen group at St. Catherine's, North Vancouver. After learning a bit about global economic considerations... Read More

Getting the Vibe at Holy Trinity, Vancouver!

Looking for a worship service oriented towards youth Every month, usually on the evening of the second Sunday, the Vibe takes place at Holy Trinity Church in Vancouver. A joint venture of Holy Trinity and the Camp... Read More

Ministry in Hard Times

Dan Hotchkiss of the Alban Institute The financial crunch has come from the state of our investments. There's been a reduction, all told, of... Read More

Anglicans and Lutherans: Just Asking

What does it mean for Lutherans and Anglicans to be in relationship? I know that it means that we celebrate communion together. I know that it means that a Lutheran or an Anglican can be called to serve a parish of... Read More


"Don't lump me in with that lot!" -- a demand made of an aunt of mine who refused to be associated with any kind of collective. She immediately came to mind when I was listening to a radio program about public... Read More