SYNOD: The Rev. Matthew Johnson commissioned as street priest

The Rev. Matthew Johnson was commissioned at Diocesan Synod for a two-year street ministry in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. The Rev. Matthew Johnson is "drummed" to a commissioning ceremony at Diocesan... Read More

SYNOD: Youth still want a youth coordinator in Synod Office

Strong sentiment exists in the diocese for creation of a coordinator of youth ministries, especially among youth delegates to Diocesan Synod. For the second year in a row, Synod requested Diocesan Council and its... Read More

SYNOD: All resolutions submitted passed

For the first time in years, Diocesan Synod dealt with all the resolutions put before it. They passed them all - sometimes with amendments. Usually leftover resolutions go for decision to the Synod’s executive,... Read More

SYNOD: 24 people elected to diocesan office at Synod

Acclaimed for the sixth time as treasurer of the Diocese was Jim Stewart of St. Dunstan's, Aldergrove. Anglicans weren’t especially stampeding to serve in diocesan offices at Synod 2007 – two-thirds of the... Read More

Diocesan Synod affirms House of Bishops' stand against discrimination

When it comes to Baptism, Confirmation, or taking Communion, Diocesan Synod has affirmed that in the Diocese of New Westminster there will be no discrimination  on the basis of sexual orientation. Nick Hudson of... Read More

All Anglican Church of Canada bishops invited to Lambeth Conference

All Anglican Church of Canada bishops have been invited to the Lambeth Conference next summer in England. The University of Kent, about five kilometres northwest of Catnterbury Cathedral in southern... Read More

Bishop says colleagues should have kept open mind on blessings

Bishop Michael Ingham told Diocesan Council this month that he could not agree with a statement issued by the Canadian House of Bishops that recommends that the June General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada... Read More

US Primate taks a 'long, calm view"

By Anne Fletcher Katharine Jefferts Schori, smack dab in the middle of the Anglican Communion’s wrangle over homosexuality, is taking the long, calm view. Archbishop Katharine Jefferts Schori (Photo Courtesy... Read More

People: Brownlees in a hole

The Rev. Nicholas Parker during his installation as senior port chaplain of Mission to Seafarers after receiving bread and wine from the mission’s administrative assistant, Carrie Bell, during the installation... Read More

Archives construction begins

New space for Archives being build on the south side of VST. Melanie Wallace photo After a wet and windy winter, construction on the new archives at the Vancouver School of Theology is well underway. The... Read More