Chancellor welcomes new residential schools agreement in principle

Chancellor George Cadman told Diocesan Synod that a new agreement in principle between the federal government, First Nations people, and the churches that ran residential schools “fills in the gaps” and should be... Read More

Diocesan Synod approves new ministry plan

Diocesan Synod approved a new system for diocesan ministry and outreach – and how to pay for it – at a special financial synod meeting at St. Catherine’s Parish in North Vancouver on Saturday, November 26. Some 182... Read More

Church group told to stop using ‘Anglican Communion’ in name

Corporations Canada, which regulates the names of federal corporations, has ordered a group of churches using the name “Anglican Communion in Canada” to change its name. The Anglican Church of Canada last January... Read More

Council chair says Canadians full members of Anglican Communion

The chair of the Anglican Consultative Council – one of the four so-called “instruments of unity” that work to keep the Anglican Communion together – told New Westminster Anglicans that Canadians continue to be full... Read More

Bishop Terry Buckle elected Metropolitan

Bishop Terry O. Buckle of the Diocese of Yukon has been elected metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of British Columbia and Yukon by the executive committee of the provincial synod. Archbishop Buckle was... Read More

New way proposed to pay for our ministry together

Six archdeaconry meetings were held to help find the most appropriate assessment system. This meeting was at St. Philip’s, Vancouver, for the Vancouver Archdeaconry Diocesan Council has recommended to the... Read More

Synod to consider long-term funding for ministries in a revised budget

Annual support for Camp Artaban, the diocese’s camp for youth, would go from $12,000 to $50,000 next year in a revised diocesan budget that will come before the special financial synod this month. Camp Artaban’s... Read More

Diocesan Synod - the basic facts

 What and where is synod? The Diocese of New Westminster’s special financial synod will be held on Saturday, Nov. 26, at St. Catherine’s, 1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver, and beginning at 10 am (registration... Read More

Opportunity for voluntary giving remain

Although the Stewards in Action program finishes at the end of the year, voluntary giving within the Diocese of New Westminster does not. The integrated budget of the diocese identifies the ministries that we... Read More

Youth aren’t only the church of tomorrow–they are also the church of today

Philip Murray with youth at Taizé, France, this summer In recent years, many traditional and “mainline” churches in the western world have been experiencing dramatic drops in membership, interest, and... Read More