Snow can make for pretty parishes

Most parishes are weathering the cold weather in the diocese fairly well. The snow can be a bother, but it certainly makes for pretty pictures. One exception is St. Anselm’s on the University Endowment Lands. All of... Read More


CBC Radio & Cathedral to present A Christmas Carol

CBC Radio & Christ Church Cathedral will present the 13th annual dramatic reading of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol on Saturday, December 2, at 4:30 pm at Christ Church Cathedral.  The classic tale’s parts... Read More

A visit to Cambodia

Bishop Michael Ingham has been in Russia and Cambodia during his sabbatical this fall. He will be back to the diocese for Advent. A letter from Russia has appeared on the website; this is his account of Cambodia. ... Read More

Clergy at four parishes offered diocesan payroll services

Diocesan Council has offered to provide clergy payroll services to four protesting parishes in the diocese to enable their clergy to remain in the Anglican Church of Canada’s pension and benefits plan. The Council... Read More

REST - Could You Use Some?

Cathy Hardy and Karen Dart REST-inspirations from Taizé by Cathy Hardy (vocals, piano, recorder) and Karin Dart (harp) and ‘gemma and co. Produced for the Mennonite Central Committee Supportive Care Services,... Read More

A story of a smart and curious little dog

  Barbara Struthers with Hannah and Aniesa (John Struthers photo) The Parsons Terrier: Mia's Surprising Fox Hunt by Esther North with illustrations by Helen Broadfoot. We really liked the story a lot. We... Read More

Book Review: Animals can help people go deeper into their own spirituality

The Rev. Paul Borthistle with his border collie, Skye. (Christy Borthistle photo) I have learned much from my canine companion Skye, an eight year old border collie. She came to us as a rescue dog at four... Read More


Reaching the million dollar mark in the Honouring Our Commitment campaign is something about which we as a diocese should be proud. It hasn’t been easy. The campaign came at a time when many parishes have had to... Read More

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HOC raises $1 million

The diocesan Honouring Our Commitment campaign has reached the one million dollar mark and continues to grow, according to campaign co-chair Linda Robertson. “It’s a remarkable achievement to have received over one... Read More

St. James to provide children with musical opportunities

Most of us are keenly aware of the problems of homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and poverty that plague the residents of our city’s Downtown Eastside. However, the images that populate the media are... Read More