Retreat leader finds many ways of being ‘community’

Jeannette Stigger I was led to experience and work with three very different kinds of community... Read More

A new approach to meeting people’s needs

Archdeacon Rick Jones, Diocese of Niagara The days of the Church building being the tallest spire in the town and the central moral or... Read More

Ex-prodigy Jim Byrnes to aid young musicians

Jim Byrnes Jim Byrnes, who as a five year old prodigy was playing piano, discovered and, by the age... Read More

Food ministry involves many groups

People from the Salvation Army, Mennonite, and United churches, along with representatives of about 20 faith groups from the Vancouver Downtown East Side, plus Anglicans from parishes from across the diocese, met to... Read More

Editorial: Advent and anticipation

Advent is about anticipation. We’re awaiting something. Something is about to happen. That’s certainly describes our situation these days. The finance industry (Wall Street) has crashed. We’re all in a serious... Read More

Compass Rose

During a recent visit to the Anglican Church in Angola, Archbishop Rowan Williams laid the cornerstone for a new high school. He could see, however, that the chances of Anglican students ever studying in the... Read More

‘Buddy, can you spare a dime?’

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Advent Calendars

Peggy Trendell-Jensen I loved helping my mother unpack the Christmas decorations each year; loved the very look... Read More

Diocese files statement of defence and counterclaim in second court case

The Diocese of New Westminster on November 5 filed its Statement of Defence and Counterclaim in a second suit brought against it in BC Supreme Court. The second suit was brought on October 15 by a former clergy,... Read More