Bishops to Visit Flood Ravaged Communities

 Unprecedented rainfalls battered the northern regions of Vancouver Island, September 24th and 25th, triggering mudslides, washing out roads, flooding basements and backing up sewer and drainage systems.... Read More

Paddling for All Saints

 Members of the Parish of All Saints, Mission participated in a rewarding and fun community building and fundraising activity on Saturday, September 25th. The event was titled Paddling for All Saints and was... Read More

Advent and christmas

Beyond the Advent Wreath

Renewing Anglican Worship</em> - Building vital and faithful worship and Road to 2018 presents this all day interactive offering at St. Dunstan, Aldergrove. October 30th 10am-3pm (Registration, Coffee and... Read More

Testament of a Naked Man

Saturday, October 16th, St.Francis-in-the-Wood, Caulfeild. $10 Admission. Proceeds from this event will go to St. Francis-in-the-Wood Martha Fund, helping to pay medical expenses for Martha Nwaneri in Nigeria who... Read More

Anglican Award of Merit

The Venerable Lou Rivers set the tone for worship at St. Christopher, West Vancouver when he complimented Rob Dickson on his excellent commitment to the parishes "Bring a Friend to Church Sunday" by bringing... Read More

Diocesan Council Highlights - September 14, 2010

Tuesday evening, September 14th, Bishop Michael welcomed council and expressed his hope that all members had enjoyed the summer and are now returning refreshed and energized for the rigours of life in the fall.... Read More


Appeal Concludes, September 16th

 The lawyer for four congregations that have left the Diocese of New Westminster on Thursday asked the BC Court of Appeal to endorse a plan he outlined so that his clients might continue worshipping as Anglicans in... Read More

Day 3 of the Appeal

Four congregations that  have left the Diocese of New Westminster are trying to use the Diocese’s property to help create a new Anglican Church, and this shouldn’t be allowed, a lawyer for the Diocese told the BC... Read More

Judge begbie

Appeal Continues - Day 2

The BC Court of Appeal has no need to get into the complicated trust law in order to decide that four congregations who have left the Anglican Church of Canada cannot take their church buildings with them, a lawyer... Read More


Animal Blessings for the Feast of St. Francis

What follows is a listing of Animal Blessing services in honour of Saint Francis’ Feast Day, (October 4th) by region throughout the Diocese of New Westminster. Many of the services are on Sunday, October 3rd but... Read More