St. Christopher's began as Inglewood Mission

>Early scenes from St. Christopher's history are featured in a new parish history. A mission house for a Sunday school, constructed in 1933 on land purchased during a depression era tax sale, was the origin... Read More

What Would Jesus Ride?

 Have you ever wondered what it would take to keep God's planet green? What if more people left their cars in their garages and found more sustainable ways to get around the city? This month, strap on your helmet,... Read More

Edmonton archdeacon elected Kootenay bishop

The Venerable John Elswood Privett of Edmonton has been elected the Bishop of Kootenay by an electoral synod of that diocese held in Kelowna May 28. The Ven. John E. Privett, bishop-elect for the Diocese of... Read More

Requiem Mass held for the Ven. David Retter

A Requiem Mass took place at St. James, Vancouver, on Tuesday, May 31, the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Elizabeth, for the Ven. David Retter, who died unexpectedly on May 21. The Ven.... Read More

SYNOD 2005: Primate says diocese is open about same sex blessings

Blessing of same sex unions done openly in the Diocese of New Westminster have received a great deal of condemnation from more conservative provinces of the Anglican Communion, while many similar blessings done as... Read More

SYNOD 2005: Stewards in Action to be replaced with new program

Stewards in Action, a voluntary program of giving that has supported outreach in the diocese for the last 15 years, will be wound up at the end of 2005 and replaced with a new initiative, Diocesan Synod decided last... Read More

SYNOD 2005: Interview with the Primate

Primates around the world come in different shapes and sizes; primates reflect all shades of the theological spectrum; and primates approach their ministries with their individual styles. All are in great demand,... Read More

SYNOD 2005: How old is 'youth'?

How old is “youth”? That’s a question that will return to Diocesan Synod next year. Diocesan youth report on recent mission to Guatemala Youth delegates as well as others were split on the motion, some arguing... Read More

SYNOD 2005: Synod votes to limit blessings within the diocese

The Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster on May 14 voted to limit same sex blessings within the diocese. Eight parishes where parish members have already voted to have their church be a place of same sex blessing... Read More

Ministries of the Diocese of New Westminster

Archdeacon: the Ven. Lou RiversRegional Dean: The Rev. Mark Lemon, Capilano-Kingcome Deanery This is the eighth report from parishes within the diocese of New Westminster regarding their ministry. This month we... Read More