Environment Care a Spiritual Imperative

  Marching in minus zero temperatures in Montreal during the UN Conference on Climate Change last month were the Rev. Wendy Eyre-Grey, Montreal Anglican Carolyn Waslsh-Dawson, and David Dranchuck, diocesan... Read More

From Traditional Music to Rock at St. Mary’s, Kerrisdale

Over 150 youth and young adults gathered at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale recently to watch a concert by “Lotus Child”, an up-and-coming rock band with a following in the high schools of Vancouver’s west side. The show was... Read More


Louise Cooper of St. George, Maple Ridge, one of two youth members of the national Council of general Synod Louise Cooper of St. George, Maple Ridge, as a youth delegate was one of four people from the... Read More

Youth reporters wanted!

We’re looking to build a team of youth who will research youth groups, attend youth events, gather photos, and submit any “youth-related news” to TOPIC!  This is a great opportunity to get experience in journalism. ... Read More

Editorial: It’s not just money

There’s an advertisement with the line, “It’s not just about the money.” That applies also to the new residential schools agreement. For the overwhelming majority of First Nations people, the new agreement isn’t... Read More

Deacons are a bridge

Director of Deacons, Archdeacon John Struthers The Scriptures and the ancient Christian writers make it clear that there have been different ministries within the church since the time of the Apostles. An... Read More

Volunteer in Mission coming home from Belize

December 1st has come and gone and one could almost hear the collective Caribbean “hurrah” that marked the end of the official hurricane season. I certainly breathed a prayer of thanksgiving. This is my third and... Read More

Holy Cross, Vancouver, reorganized

Departing members of the parish of Holy Cross, Vancouver, late last year decided to pay the parish’s back assessment to the diocese before leaving the church. Meanwhile, Diocesan Council at its December meeting... Read More

Bishop says religious groups should hold Goverments to account

The job of religious organizations is to hold governments to account, but not exercise political power themselves, Anglican Bishop Michael Ingham told an audience in Vancouver last month. “It is the role of religion... Read More

People: Deacon Meadows reports how hurricane hit Belize

Archbishop David Somerville’s 90th birthday was celebrated last month at parishes the Somervilles attend. Here he is at St. Catherine’s, North Vancouver, with the Rev. John Mash, and Frances Somerville.  A week... Read More