Anglican cemetery now well cared for

The Anglican Cemetery at Chilliwack is on a hillside on Hilllcrest Drive The diocese has to decide whether it wants to keep a cemetery it almost forgot. The Anglican Cemetery at Chilliwack on Hillcrest... Read More


Doreen Stephens, retiring archivist, examining documents at the diocesan archives, located at Vancouver School of... Read More


Thinking about taxes, er... ministry There’s a temptation to think of assessments – the amount of money that parishes send to the diocese monthly – as “taxes” – with all the negative connotations that word... Read More

God and language:

  The Rev. Ellen Clark-King, priest associate at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver ‘Nottata persa e figlia fimmina’ - this Sicilian saying is used colloquially to refer to something that has been a total waste... Read More

Church Depot workshops to show how to ‘green’ your parish

It has been a busy summer and fall for members of the Environmental Task Force – and the many of you who have been practicing environmental stewardship in your own parishes.  Many initiatives – from humble to bold... Read More

Church relief agencies respond to disasters

A child evacuated out of Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan administered Kashmir (BBC... Read More

Cleanup of smoke damage at Church of Epiphany begun

Church of the Epiphany, Surrey.  The fire was in the parish hall at the back of the church, the rooftop of which can be... Read More


  In a picture on page 2 of September’s TOPIC, Bishop Michael Ingham is laying his hands upon new deacon Larry Atkins of St. John, Sardis, not upon Len Dyer of the Church of the Epiphany, Surrey. Dyer is the man... Read More


The Rev. Wendy Fletcher The Rev. Wendy Fletcher will be the new principal of the Vancouver School of Theology when the Reverend Ken McQueen steps down next year. She currently serves as Dean of Studies.... Read More

St. Paul’s, Vancouver, celebrates 100th

Linda Sklazeski, a parishioner at St. Paul’s, Vancouver, uses a screwdriver to set up a display of a trowel used for laying the corner stone of the church in 1905. The trowel , used by John Dart, bishop of New... Read More