St. Clement's

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St. Clement's

St. Clement`s is a lively community of people of all ages, singles and families. We are friendly and welcoming. We celebrate our diversity, putting into practice God's love and generosity. You are welcome to worship with us, to experience the mystery of God's love as we express that in the richness of contemporary Anglican tradition, to experience the joy of our hope in God, as we express that in preaching, prayers, and music that speak to the concerns and struggles of life today.

Lynne McNaughton, our priest, loves to talk to people about their spiritual journey, baptism, or finding the holy in life's transitions.

07 15 2018%20st%20clements%20wedding%20photo

Wedding - A Highlight of Sunday Eucharist

St. Clement’s, Lynn Valley, was in a particularly festive mood as the Sunday service began on July 15 – in the middle of the usual Pentecost 8 liturgy was planned the marriage of parishioners Randall Alexander and... Read More