Adult Formation Resources

Adult Formation Resources

“Christian formation is at the core of the purpose of a parish church/faith community. God is always the ultimate source of all formation. Our role is to assist God in God’s work of the formation of God’s own people.” - Archbishop Melissa Skelton

This webpage is designed to give you some practical recommendations on further reading and programs to help you with adult Christian formation. Below is the the Christian Formation blog with articles on core topics and activities to strengthen and form people in the way of Christ. For more online resources, check out the Diocesan pinterest board on Adult Christian Formation.

Questions about Christian Formation?

Contact Reverend Jessica Schaap, Missioner for Christian Formation. Or call: 604-684-6306 ext. 225. She can offer help with selecting resources and curricula that can work in your specific context with any age group, recommend seasonal resources for Advent, Lent, etc., help start a Christian Formation group in your parish, or assist in the design of a formation event or course.


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Journeying with Pilgrim: An Adult Christian Formation Resource

A number of parishes in the diocese are experimenting with a new course in Christian formation called Pilgrim. Aimed at explorers new to the Christian journey as well as those seeking to deepen their faith, this... Read More

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Is This the Year for an Advent Quiet Day?

We would be hardpressed to find a time of year when many people experience more expectations, more social engagements, more targeted advertising, and well, just more, than the beginning of December. An Advent Quiet... Read More

Bible study

What Bible Study Will Work in Your Parish?

Awkward silences or contentious conversations. Starting off with a group of twelve but now there’s only three or four. Many of us know these experiences with Bible studies in the parish, but they don’t have to be... Read More