St. Alban the Martyr

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St. Alban the Martyr

St. Alban’s Anglican Church is situated in the heart of Burnaby in beautiful British Columbia.We are an urban “small c” conservative community with an emphasis on the Word and uplifting liturgy.

Our community has people who are growing in their relationship with the living Christ and renewed for their daily life and work through worship, learning and life in community. We invite you to visit us on a Sunday at one of our two Eucharist (Holy Communion) services.

St. Alban’s vision is to be a family of learning, praying and worshipping Christians, working together, in faith, love and fellowship, to the benefit of our neighbours and to the glory of God.


A Qualified Bearer of the Good News

For the past 11 decades, St. Alban the Martyr church has been and continues to be a landmark situated on the corner of 19th Avenue and Canada Way, just a pitching wedge distance east of Edmonds in that part of South... Read More


Happy Birthday to the Dittrichs

After worship on Sunday August 12, the Parish of St Alban the Martyr in Burnaby (along with Jane Dittrich of Christ Church Cathedral) celebrated the birthdays of two of their parishioners, the Rev. Douglas Dittrich... Read More