St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

Ministering to the people of New Westminster for over 150 years

St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

St. Mary's provides spiritual growth in a warm, friendly environment. We are a multicultural congregation and a nurturing, supportive faith based community.

We encourage the involvement of everyone from all walks of life in our congregation. There is room to grow here and wonderful opportunities for you and your family.

Following the Anglican practice of combining scripture, tradition, and reason, St. Mary's is rich in ceremony and custom, yet we take a modern, thoughtful approach to religion, encouraging discernment and questions while following the teachings of Jesus in our search for the Divine.

We recognize that each individual's spiritual journey is a deeply personal one and all who enter our doors are invited to participate at their own comfort level in an atmosphere of acceptance and friendship.

Whether you are a life-long Anglican, new to the church, or just wondering what role faith might play in your life, please know that you are most welcome here.


Brotherhood of St Andrew - Karaoke Night

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew (BSA), St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton Chapter sponsored a Karaoke night August 12, 2017. The evening began with prayer, followed by the introductory singing of a country tune by Mr.... Read More