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Café Church - Taste & See

A very informal service - come as you are, go changed We will be looking at the Rob Bell video - Sunday: "Why do we do the things we do?" Why do we do the things we do? Why do we go to church or give money away?... Read More

Story of Anglicanism

An exciting 3-part series exploring the roots of our Anglican heritage  1: Ancient and Medieval Foundations. (26th May)The roots of our tradition are traced in the evolution and mission and ministry of the... Read More

Café Church - Taste & See

Not sure church is for you?Stop in for coffee & experience church in a whole new way!A very informal service- come as you are, go changed Read More

Bouncy Castle Organ Extravaganza

Holy Trinity Anglican Church and Redshift Music Society present the Bouncy Castle Organ Extravaganza, an event for all ages on Saturday August 25th, 10am-2pm. Admission is free but donations to Holy Trinity’s organ... Read More

Chris Woods' Way of the Cross Paintings Seminar

An exploration of the artistic conventions and theology behind Chris Woods’ fourteen Way of the Cross paintings (currently on display in HT's sanctuary), a contemporary interpretation of a traditional devotion, set... Read More

1st Corinthians Study

An Introduction to First Corinthians The course is an introduction to Paul's Corinthian writings. Paul founded a congregation in Corinth. After leaving, he hears about problems and misunderstandings developing.... Read More