To assist the bishop with pastoral care and administration, dioceses are divided into smaller regional groupings known as Archdeaconries and Regional Deaneries, under the leadership of an Archdeacon and Regional Dean, respectively. In the Diocese of New Westminster, there are six Archdeaconries and eleven Regional Deaneries.

Click on the interactive map below to explore the parishes of the Diocese of New Westminster and their regional groupings:

Dean of the Diocese and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral

  • Peter Elliott
    • The Very Reverend Peter Elliott, DD
    • Email

There are two Archdeacons with a diocesan-wide role:

  • Douglas Fenton

    Executive Archdeacon and Archdeacon of Vancouver

    • The Venerable Douglas Fenton, DD
    • Email
  • Bruce Morris

    Archdeacon for Deacons

    • The Venerable Bruce Morris
    • Email



The Diocese consists of the following 6 Archdeaconries: Granville, Burrard, Lougheed, Fraser, Capilano and Westminster

  • John Stephens


    • The Venerable John Stephens
    • Email
  • Philippa Segrave Pride


    • The Venerable Philippa Segrave-Pride
    • Email
  • The Venerable Luisito Engnan


    • The Venerable Luisito (Louie) Engnan
    • Email
  • Stephen Muir


    • The Venerable Stephen Muir, DMin
    • Email
  • Richard Leggett


    • The Venerable Richard Leggett, Ph.D.
    • Email
  • Kevin Hunt


    • The Venerable Canon Kevin Hunt
    • Email



Regional Deaneries

The Diocese consists of the following Regional Deaneries :

In Burrard Archdeaconry

  • Wilmer Toyoken


    • The Reverend Wilmer Toyoken
    • Email

In Vancouver Archdeaconry

  • Oakridge

    • The Reverend Stephanie Shepard
    • Email
  • Christine Rowe

    Point Grey

    • The Reverend Christine Rowe
    • Email



In Westminster Archdeaconry

  • Richmond/Delta

    • Vacant
  • Gordon Barrett

    Royal City/South Burnaby

    • The Reverend Captain Deacon Gordon Barrett
    • Email



In Capilano Archdeaconry

  • Patrick Blaney

    North Vancouver

    • The Reverend Patrick Blaney
    • Email
  • Jonathan LLoyd

    Sea to Sky

    • The Reverend Canon Jonathan LLoyd
    • Email



In Fraser Archdeaconry

  • Allan Carson


    • The Reverend Allan Carson
    • Email
  • Stephen Laskey

    Peace Arch

    • The Reverend Stephen Laskey
    • Email



In Lougheed Archdeaconry

  • Paul Bowie

    Golden Ears

    • The Reverend Paul Bowie
    • Email
  • Tri-Cities/North Burnaby

    The Reverend Eric Mason