Here on these pages you will find information covering a wide range of topics connected to the next phase of life in the church and the Synod office in the age of COVID-19.


June 21, 2021 Guidance document on Privacy Issues and "Hybrid" Worship

COVID-19 Safety Plan for the Diocese of New Westminster Offices

Please find linked here the November 27, 2020 Safety Plan

Synod Office Protocols for Admitting Visitors and Receiving Deliveries

Synod Office COVID Policies


A number of Parishes have contacted the Archbishop’s Office asking (a) what provisions are in place for Vestry Meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic; and (b) whether such a meeting may be held electronically. Diocesan Council passed a Resolution (August 24, 2020) to aid Parishes and Diocesan Council to continue to do business with the rationale (a) that it can (in keeping with analogous guidance given to corporations and societies by relevant Provincial authorities); and (b) to direct the Archbishop’s Office, in consultation with one or more of the Diocesan Legal Officers as necessary, to provide guidance to Parishes as necessary in relation to the convening of such meetings.

The Resolution reads as follows:

Moved:  Constitution and Canons CommitteE

1. That the Archbishop’s Office may clarify to Parishes that,

           a. for as long as the state of emergency relating to the Covid-19 pandemic persists, Vestry            Meetingsmay be held electronically; and

          b. During such time, notice requirements under Canon 9.8 remain in effect; and

2. The Archbishop’s Office may, in consultation with Diocesan Legal Officers, provide guidance to Parishes as to best practices and issues to consider, in relation to such meetings.

Here is a link to a PDF of the preceding information

Here is a link to the January 6, 2021 "Considerations Regarding Virtual Vestry Meetings" one pager.


On November 7, the Provincial Health Officer issued a regional order limiting events in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Health regions, November 7-23. These changes do not effect the current in-person worship protocols at diocesan parishes, however renewed diligence is advised. Please visit this post on the website news pages for more information.

On October 22 there was a new order from the Provincial Health Officer that specifies a change related to the duration of time now required between church services in order to sanitize the space. The Provincial Health Officer now specifies (LINKED HERE) that all groups holding events (to include churches hosting liturgies) allow at least one hour between those events so that proper sanitization of spaces can be fully completed where those events/liturgies are held may occur. All other previous requirements remain in force under this new order.
While this may not affect many of you immediately, it may affect what you are planning to offer on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We will be modifying our protocols posted on the diocesan website to reflect this. If you need to modify your own safety plans or scheduled in-person worship times as a result of this new order, please do so and post your modified plan both on your website and in your physical space.
With respect and care,
+Melissa, Tellison+ and Philippa+

Please find linked here in .PDF and below in .DOCX "The Re-opening of Churches in the Diocese of New Westminster" plan document and application form.

Here is a link to the August 10 REVISED REQUIREMENTS FOR HOLY EUCHARIST in preparation for some parishes entering diocesan Phase 3 of in-person worship on Sunday, August 16. 

The parish Zoom subscriptions expired August 31, 2020, if you have questions please contant the Reverend Tellison Glover

August 17, 2020: Here is the COVID-19 Fact Sheet for Refugees distributed by the Government of Canada

ADDED ON AUGUST 4: MEVO live streaming cameras, JOINT CASE STUDY/BETA TEST, contains detailed analysis and links

AUGUST 5, Recent resources about SINGING in worship


ADDED ON JULY 9: Baptismal Protocol Phase II and III

Also please find attached here the Diocese of New Westminster Re-opening Phases Chart.

BCCCDC Posters

Public Health Guidance for Child Care Facilities

Physical Distancing Poster

Handwashing Poster

Do Not Enter Poster

Cleaning and Disinfecting in Public Sectors Poster

Here is a direct link to the Diocese of New Westminster: Parish Survey on Technology created on Constant Contact

Here is a direct link to a .PDF of the April 20, 2020, Food Outreach Survey. (also downloadable below)

DOCX versions for quick and easy filling out are available below in WORD: Food Outreach Survey,  Indemnification Agreement form and the Tenant Waiver form.