Diocesan Council, consists of the following voting members:

(a) the Diocesan Bishop or, when applicable, the Bishop’s Commissary or the Diocesan Administrator;

(b) the two most senior Legal Officers in attendance (being in order of seniority the Chancellor, the Registrar and the Legal Assessor);

(c) the Treasurer (or the Assistant Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer);

(d) the Chair of Ministry and Mission Development Committee;

(e) two members chosen by the Dean and Archdeacons of the Diocese from their number.

(f) one Ordained and one Lay person may be appointed by the Bishop who shall continue in office, at the pleasure of the Bishop, from the time of appointment until the final adjournment of the regular Synod next following appointment.

(g) two persons from each Archdeaconry, one Lay and the other Ordained, who shall be elected at Synod

(h) two persons from the Diocese elected at least 15 years of age and less than 26 years of age, at the time of the election. 

Together with the following persons who shall be ex-officio members without voting privileges:

(i) the Executive Archdeacon if not already a member under sub-paragraph (e);

(j) the Business Administrator;

(k) the Director for Mission and Ministry Development;

(l) the Legal Assessor unless attending as a member under sub-paragraph (b)

(m) the Assistant Treasurer unless attending as a member under sub-paragraph (c);

and (n) a recording secretary appointed by the voting members of Diocesan Council

The Diocese of New Westminster's Mission Priorities - September 25, 2017

Our Diocesan Mission

“Growing communities of faith in Jesus Christ to serve God’s mission in the world.”  

Our Priorities  

Our God is a relational God. We seek to foster, build and strengthen our relationships with one another in all we do in diocesan, parish and community circles.  

Through the action of the Holy Spirit, our God creates the Church as Christ’s continuing presence in and for the world. We seek to focus diocesan energy and resources on parish development: assisting parishes in focusing on and building their excellence around their core purpose of gathering, transforming and sending; encouraging parishes to express the best of their Anglican identity; and assisting parishes in creatively engaging the real challenges and opportunities before them.    

Our God seeks justice for the oppressed. We seek to assist diocesan leaders and parishes in learning about the culture and history of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, in engaging with Indigenous peoples in their neighbourhood and regions, and in advancing the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.    

Our God delights in the diversity of humanity and yearns for all humanity to be one. We seek to increase the diversity of the leadership in our diocese and to strengthen the ability of our parishes to engage the diversity of the people in our parishes, in our neighbourhoods and in our region.  We seek the transformation of our minds, our hearts and our practice as we increase our diversity and seek the oneness that God invites us to embrace.    

Our God entrusts us with the stewardship of our lives and our communities. We seek to work on the overall sustainability of our diocese and of our parishes by attending to the fit between all the elements of diocesan or parish life (finances, property, priorities, processes, organizational structures, organizational culture, external relationships, etc.) We seek to nurture a diocesan culture that is more transparent, collaborative, consultative, courageous and in which people have greater choice.