The Anglican Church Women of the Diocese of New Westminster have made an agreement with the Anglican Foundation to establish a perpetual bursary in Oct, 2017.


“The Award(s) will be paid to Qualifying Students who, at the time of the decision to pay the Award, are enrolled in full-time or part time studies in the Anglican discipline or in disciplines that are in full communion with the Anglican Church at a recognized, accredited theological school or college in preparation for ordination or a form of lay ministry.  Preference will be given to female students and/or to students from the Dioceses of New Westminster or Yukon, but if in a given year no applicant meets those criteria the Scholarship Committee may at its discretion direct the funds towards other worthy recipients.”


This Bursary has been made possible by the foresight of the Anglican Church Women who in the 1950’s purchased a home in Vancouver on W 14th Avenue.  The initial intent of WA Memorial House, as it was known, was to house visiting missionaries—both those leaving to the Far East and those returning home on leave.  Times changed and the house was used for Board meetings and the outreach of preparing the Bales to the North.  Over the years many repairs were undertaken on the house but it became evident that the house was going to require much more expensive repairs that would have made it impossible to continue our outreach.  The decision of the Board, with advice from Bishop Michael Ingham, in 2011, that the House should be sold was a very hard one but one that has turned out to be a blessing.  We are now located in a warehouse on Merritt Street in Burnaby and have expanded our outreach to more than the Bales for the North by funding local, national and international concerns on a yearly basis.


With some of the monies realized from the sale of WA Memorial House, The Anglican Church Women have been able to give to the Anglican Foundation an amount of money that will be a perpetual Bursary with the initial capital not being touched.  The Bursary will be awarded in the amount of interest that is earned each year.  


For further information please contact the Anglican Foundation.


Recipients of  ACW Bursary

Cameron Gutjahr, Tasha Carrothers and  Jonathan Pinkney