Bursaries for Events

Children’s and Youth ministry events aim to be open, welcoming and inclusive of all kinds of young people and their ministry leaders. In an effort to make these events as accessible as possible, we work with individuals and parishes to remove any undue financial burden that would prevent someone’s participation. The following is the application process available for individuals or families to apply for a bursary from the Diocese of New Westminster to attend an event in children’s and youth ministry. This includes events for children and youth as well as those for children and youth ministers; events which are hosted by the Diocese as well as those hosted by other organizations.

Application Process  

  1. An individual or family contacts Missioner for Christian Formation, and lets them know that they are seeking a bursary for an event in children’s and youth ministry. Please be sure to include in your email, a) Information about the event: date, purpose, cost, link to website if there is one, b) Who the bursary would be for, c) Your home parish.
  2. The individual or family determines how much of the registration and/or travel cost they are able to pay given their present financial situation. This step helps us respond to the real needs of families and individuals as they themselves define them. If you are presently unable to pay any of the cost, we want to know that so that we can work with your parish to meet this need.
  3. Parishes then decide what they can afford to offer to help meet this financial need. Once the individual or family has determined what they can afford, the next step is to contact their parish - via the rector and wardens - and let them know that they would like to attend this conference and are in need of financial support in order to do so. This is in order to offer the parishes the opportunity to support their own members financially, and to enable them to be aware of financial need in this area so that they can use this information to inform their future budgeting for children's and youth ministry.
  4. Once the parish has determined what they can afford, and informed the bursary applicant, either the parish or the applicant sends this information to the Children and Youth Ministries Coordinator who will do their best to ensure the remaining portion is covered. The Coordinator may cover this from the Diocesan bursary fund, or may know of other bursaries available from other organizations to recommend, or a combination of these.

A version of this process will be followed for any bursary application in children’s and youth ministry. For events with a higher cost, such as CLAY (Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering) a separate funding process may be developed which includes participation in individual, parish or diocesan fundraising activities as a condition of receiving funding.  

The process described above is principally for lay people attending children’s and youth ministry events. Clergy who need financial support to attend events as chaperones should have their costs covered by their parish as it is a cost incurred while doing ministry. Clergy attending for professional development should explore other funds available to them first – the Continuing Education Fund and the Murrin Fund. Clergy are welcome to apply for bursaries through this process for their children to attend events.  

Bursaries must be applied for and approved before an event, but because of the variety of events and costs involved, there is no set interval before an event by which this must happen. For planning purposes for individuals and families, it may be helpful to know that this process generally takes 1-3 weeks during the school year (Sept.-June) and can take up to 2 months during the summer when many parish and diocesan leaders are away. Also, in general, the higher the cost of the event, the longer the process takes.